Healthy food and lifestyle for a healthy future

Welcome to the new generation of the Rainbow Kingdom, an imaginary place - or is it? Here the world of food and lifestyle becomes fun, creative, colourful and in the moment. Originally for kids, yes, but so many adults have said that they would benefit from knowing what the colours in vegetables and fruits do, how they can eat more healthily and encourage their children to do so, that this new website offers features that adults as well as children can find useful: recipes, tips, tools and much more.

Sharyn Singer, Naturopath

I'm Sharyn Singer, Naturopath and creator of the 'Eat a Rainbow Every Day'  program designed to show children the benefits that the rainbow colours  (protective anti-oxidants) in foods offer and which I hope will be an antidote to the status quo that is giving rise to generations of children whose health is at risk. 


It is timely, innovative and wide ranging - a food and lifestyle program that captures the imagination of children with enjoyable and educational messages. It includes school programs, events, cooking classes, activities, storytelling and much more.


The program benefits children by:

  • engaging them in the whole food experience

  • encouraging them to begin looking after their health

  • providing enjoyable educational tools for children and their parents

  • insuring knowledge and practical skills for their future


This website offers many opportunities to capture a child’s imagination to explore new food and lifestyle experiences through activities including:

  1. The Eat a Rainbow Every Day colour in storybook with interactive chart and stickers 
  2. A kids page with activities for children and parents through information sheets that can be downloaded

  3. A blog with tips, techniques and colourful appealing recipes that invite children to participate along with lots of information for parents.


By providing creative and memorable tools in which to explore and embrace healthy food and living it helps children and adults to look after their health as a fundamental and delightful part of their lives.