Cooking classes for kids

In the classes I'll teach children the skills they'll need to prepare a whole spectrum of foods from soups to sauces, main courses, salads, bread, vegetables, pizzas and healthy desserts. They won't be just about cookies and cupcakes! Recipes will include meats, fish, vegetables, fruit, grains, pulses, herbs and spices with vegetarian, wheat and dairy free options available.

Children will also learn food safety and hygiene as well as health benefits and mindful eating to begin identifyng with food and how it makes them feel.

Cooking classes can be held in many different places from schools to summer camps, village halls and private homes and are offered in the the Cotswolds, UK from December to May and in Newport, RI in the the US from June until November.


Commission a class for your child and their friends or a special event. Prices on request.


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