Healthy eating school programmes

I can come into your school and offer a range of inspiring  workshops or a comprehensive healthy eating program over a term designed to work with teachers to cross the curriculum and engage learners with many different aspects of food.

From planting to shopping to preparing a recipe or an entire meal, healthy eating and lifestyle begin to take an important place in children's lives and extend to that of their family and friends.


Previous experiences include:

  • Individual workshops and a full term program have been successfully offered in primary schools in the UK.
  • In the US, for a second year, involvement in an organic farm community summer program has been requested and will increase from one to two days a week over 8 weeks starting July, 2013.
  • Other areas of participation have included school assemblies, day care centers and after school programs.

Some examples of  workshops offered include:

  • Healthy lunchboxes
  • Smoothie making team competitions
  • Rainbow food flower arrangements
  • Foods from around the world
  • Recycling and growing from seed
  • Vegetable gardening indoors and out


Full term programs offer gardening, exercise, food hygiene, cooking, etc. and address Key stage 1 and 2 requirements for English, Math, Science, IT and Geography and more. 

Contact me to discuss your school's unique requirements.

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