Rainbow activities

These activities or workshops are suitable for children 3 -12 years of age and can be held in venues such as libraries, gardens, farmers markets, food festivals, centres; anywhere children come together to have fun and where food becomes the catalyst for learning. They are appropriate for after school programmes, weekends and school holidays.

Here is a sample menu of some of our activities. Why not book a taster of a 2-3 activities for a 2 hour event or try several combined with our Storytelling for half to full day events where children work individually and as teams in the following ways:


  • Drawing a favourite fruit or vegetable and putting it on the Rainbow Garden scene
  • Inventing Sensational Sensory Smoothies or the Ultimate Green Smoothie
  • Create magical Rainbow Wands
  • Fashion Food Flower bouquets
  • Produce Flavoured Waters
  • Recycling to grow your own
  • Learn foods from around the world
  • Shake It Up - making butter
  • Frame a Porridge Face
  • Perfom in a Rainbow Skit






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