Rainbow Events

There are so many possibilities for creative and memorable ways to involve children in the important and timely topic of healthy eating and lifestyle. Everyone can relate in some fashion and by offering options from comprehensive school programs to shorter activities where teams of children compete to make the best smoothie or bring in the most original recycled container for planting a vegetable seed, to cooking classes, demos and talks for parents or storytelling at a summer fete, there are many opportunities to engage young people of all ages. 'Eat a Rainbow Every Day' is continously looking for effective ways to educate, inspire and empower everyone toward wellbeing and a healthy future.

These events can take place in schools as well as other venues such as libraries, village halls, on farms, gardens or in farmer's markets and can be held in school terms or during school holidays.They are suitable for individuals well as group activites.

Rainbow activities

Having developed a variety of tried and tested ways to introduce children to healthy eating as well as entertain and engage them, I feel the Eat a Rainbow activities have a huge amount to offer. They encourage creativity, choice, individual and group participation, healthy competition and can bring to light the budding artist, gardener, cook, actor or other talent in a child. 

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Talks and cooking demos

As children learn, I learn from them. Offering talks and cooking demonstrations for parents, parent groups, teachers and those involved in catering for children allows me to share the benefits of experiences I have gained.

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Healthy eating school programmes

Engaging the 'Eat a Rainbow' program as a creative resource for schools has proven successful in many ways. It offers the opportunity to bring a new and fresh approach to learning about healthy eating while supporting teachers and encouraging learners.

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Cooking classes for kids

Kids love to cook! When they cook they try it and because they've cooked it they love to bring it home for their parents to taste. It's one of the best ways I know to enthuse children to try new foods, change their attitudes about old foods, introduce foods at home, engage the family and develop a skill that will serve them in the future.

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Storytelling delights and engages children by offering another opportunity for them to experience a healthy eating message - made memorable by its very nature.

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