Sharyn Singer

I have been involved with food in various ways since recognising its profound health benefits while working as a nurse. My 'aha' moment and the beginning of my journey came via a thermos flask of chicken soup, but that is story for another time! 

For almost 4 decades I have championed good food and continue to learn, appreciate and be amazed at the benefits that authentic, wholesome, seasonal and lovingly prepared food offers.

As a Naturopath in private practice I see clients for health issues; food continually proves to be the foundation for building (or undermining) health.

Teaching about food and nutrition in different educational capacities; co-directing and tutoring at the London College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Science and various schools of complementary medicine as well as mainstream education is a priviledge.

As a professional cook and food consultant I love preparing food for workshops and offering cooking classes and demonstrations in many different capacities both in the UK and USA.


The ‘Eat a Rainbow Every Day’ project developed from the realisation that there was a growing need to promote healthy attitudes to food beginning with very young children. Many adults were not able to offer their children this education because they did not have this relatonship to food from childhood, many did not even cook. It became clear that in order to engage children in learning about food, a resource had to capture children’s imagination and create a positive relationship with wholesome authentic food and a health promoting lifestyle. It needed to be fun, creative and memorable, engaging adults as well.