The Book

Presenting the King, Queen, Wizard and the Fairy Sisters, who will explain why eating ‘a rainbow’ is so important by introducing the health benefits of the anti-oxidants in fruits and vegetables and linking them with the colours of the rainbow.

The book encourages children to:

  • identify and colour in different fruits and vegetables
  • learn a variety of names of fruits and vegetables (some of which may be new to them)
  • try new fruits and vegetables
  • enjoy cooking a recipe with their parents

Having taken on board the value of eating ‘a rainbow’ of fruit and vegetables every day, the children can then use the colourful A4 chart (ideal for the refrigerator, kitchen cupboard or notice board) and stickers to track how many different colours they do actually eat on a daily basis.

Includes a story and colouring book, a multi-coloured refrigerator chart and some fun fruit and vegetable stickers.


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Eat a Rainbow Pack

(Pack includes: Book, Chart and Stickers)
£7.99 + £3.50 p&p
$12.99 plus $3.00 p&p

Available from the 7th May 2013